I Am Forsaken.

The end of 2015 is fast approaching as I gear up for the holiday season, I'd like to take the time to tell everyone thank you for getting tattooed by me! I hope all your wishes for these holidays come true and you have good fortune and best of health in 2016!     Thank [...]

New Awakening

Run the race that will lead to nowhere fast. Trapped in the haze of this mindless false reality, Wandering a path laid out by fools, That they call "progression" where chaos rules! There is more to life than THIS! We are more than just this flesh, we are alive and our time has come for [...]


Hating your own life. Pathetic fallacy! Afraid of true freedom. Lost in the machine. Keep your eyes off of me! What do you have now? A life you can't believe. I live by my own rules! I have everything I need. Keep your eyes off of me! I'm nothing like you. I'm free! Thank You [...]