I’m going to miss the way I missed you. But I’m okay if you’re okay. I’ve been lonely when I’m with you, But now I’m lonely all the same. If you need to find yourself. In the arms of someone else. I wish you on your way. I’m gonna miss the way I kissed you, But I’ll be brave if you’ll be brave And this is only the beginning. Although it feels just like the end. If you need to take some time. I’d surrender all of mine. I wouldn’t make you stay! But my love, I’ve never been too good at change. 


New Eyes Open

He’s a wreck But let him settle in. All the rest of the pieces will fall in and all that’s left of his life will haunt him and Her last breath will be where it begins. Cause they bring him back to counter-attack. This is not the end, there’s plenty more. I’ve seen it before the end’s where it begins. It’s the best part of all this cause we have been left for dead. In our own fucking beds. Forced to start again with new eyes open. The decisions made never go away. but they’re misunderstood, It’s not looking good. But that’s what I like about it. It’s not so complicated if you go right through

Thanks for looking. I miss you.


Day Old Hate

So let’s face it this was never what you wanted, But I know it’s fun to pretend. Now blank stares and empty threats Are all I have, they’re all I have. So drown me and if you can. Or we could just have conversation. And I fall, I fall, I falter. But I’ll find you before I drift away. Now you still speak of day old hate. Though your whole world has gone up into flames. And isn’t it great to find that you’re really worth nothing. And how safe it is to feel safe.The things we do just to stay alive.   
Thanks for looking. 


Take With Lots Of Alcohol 

Hello! what the hell am I doin’ here?That’s a really nice suit. This is a really comfortable chair. See I don’t know if you can help me or not,Cause I don’t feel sick. But the pains in my head have almost put me underground. I don’t really care if I’m healthy or not! Just clean my head up doc! I’ll give you anything you want.See I don’t know why I don’t fall in love. Well, maybe I know why and maybe you could make it stop. Then we’ll cut it up and bury it and leave it underground. And I’ll take to wishing and fall under sleeping safe and sound! Just give me medicine prescribe me anything! Just knock me out and walk me through the door. I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore. Hello! what the hell are you doing here? You made a really strange face. This is a really uncomfortable air! I see I’m boring you, maybe I bore myself too? That’s why I need help, I’m cleaning blood off dusty shelves. I been cut up in this room so many times it might take days! And those stress cracks in the wood How nicely the soak up the stains! Been telling myself these jokes for so long, well so long! I’m a has been who is heckled on the stage.  


Thanks for looking.

love you always 


“I drew a heart around the name of your city.”


So I took a year off from writing my own thoughts down into this fancy blog/website. I started to feel like i couldn’t let myself out knowing someone i know and or care about could possibly read this or a complete stranger could read this and think they have a grasp on who i am. It got kind of frightening to have to answer questions about a feeling i wrote down. So i ran, and hid from writing. i masked it in the lyrics from great songs by incredible song writers.  that wasn’t it either. for a little over a year i felt like i had too much to say or nothing to say at all. its a duality thing. wanting to unleash everything but then again rather keep it all hidden and inside.

I luckily had a conversation over dinner with someone who writes as well. In discussing this topic they very much had the same opinion sometimes it sucks to let it out and have someone question you or feel like they know you because of something they read. It made my mind melt. it got me thinking I’ve been taking this all wrong. instead of wanting to run and hide cause some one read what i wrote and wanted to discuss it. i should discuss it. maybe its me who will gain healing in hearing what it was that prompted them to even bring it up in conversation. why be scared with connecting with someone or strangers? whats the worse that will happen? id be judged for my opinion? I’m judged daily. by everyone…  girlfriends, family, strangers… friends who are no longer there. why be scared of being who i am? I’ve prided myself this far in life in being who i am, but yet when it comes to feelings i get shy, embarrassed, mad or frustrated when someone wants to talk about it? makes no sense.

I watched one of my favorite films the other day. It’s Chasing Amy by Kevin Smith. every time I’ve viewed it i catch something new to learn from it. It’s a lot like music. you can listen to your most warn down favorite records and hear something new that speaks to you in a different way. This time it was something that the main character Holden says to his friend/ex girlfriend Alyssa. A theme that sort of runs through out the movie.

Alyssa: Looks like a very personal story.

Holden: I finally had something personal to say.”

so yeah maybe more post will have me blabbering about life and what not. i know what you’re thinking life is not what not. Maybe next time ill talk about my ups and downs. love lost, people not believing in me because i didn’t listen and follow orders. friends who wont speak to me because i think for myself and do as i please. the same respect i give them. maybe next time ill talk about people who tell you they love you and they wont give up on you but the first thing they wanna do is run away. maybe next time ill write about how ” Its a cold world out there. Sometimes i think I’m getting a little frosty myself” either way know this. there will be a next time.





thank you for looking! thank you for your time.

Just Another Day

I feel it all around, I feel it in my bones,My life is on the line, When I’m away from home. When I step out the door. The jungle is alive..I do not trust my ears, I don’t believe my eyes. I will not fall in love, I cannot risk the bet, Cause hearts are fragile toys, So easy to forget. It’s just another day, There’s murder in the air… It drags me when I walk, I smell it everywhere. It’s just another day, Where people cling to light, To drive away the fear, That comes with every night… It’s just another day, When people wake from dreams, With voices in their ears, That will not go away… I had a dream last night, The world was set on fire. And everywhere I ran, There wasn’t any water… The temperature increased, The sky was crimson red, The clouds turned into smoke, And everyone was dead. But there’s a smile on my face, For everyone… There’s a golden coin, That reflects the sun… There’s a lonely place, That’s always cold… There’s a place in the stars, For when you get old. There’s razors in my bed, That come out late at night. They always disappear,Before the morning light! I’m dreaming again, Of life underground… It doesn’t ever move, It doesn’t make a sound. And just when I think That things are in their place, The heavens are secure, The whole thing explodes in my face! There’s a smile on my face, For everyone… There’s a golden coin, That reflects the sun… There’s a lonely place, That’s always cold… There’s a place in the stars, For when you get old.


Thank you for your time ❤ xoxox
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I Am Forsaken.

The end of 2015 is fast approaching as I gear up for the holiday season, I’d like to take the time to tell everyone thank you for getting tattooed by me! I hope all your wishes for these holidays come true and you have good fortune and best of health in 2016!  

Thank you for your time. Seeeeee ya! 


New Awakening

Run the race that will lead to nowhere fast. Trapped in the haze of this mindless false reality, Wandering a path laid out by fools, That they call “progression” where chaos rules! There is more to life than THIS! We are more than just this flesh, we are alive and our time has come for a new awakening! Come death, come suffering, I will not live in fear! In this fleeting life where time escapes us the path of least resistance is a slow, quiet death! I’d rather burn out than FADE AWAY!


I’d rather burn out than FADE AWAY!
Hope everyone is well. thanks for your time and looking. If youd like to get tattooed check the contact page!
have a great one!

Put It To The Torch

Am I supposed to be sorry, my words struck a nerve. Am I supposed to be sorry that I left dust where my footsteps once were. Maybe I’m supposed to care for grand ideas never expressed. It took no heart, pierced through so clear. More verbal piss in the well of your fear. Here’s your apology, here’s to burning out And here’s to fading away.

FUCK YOU both, I just put it to the torch

So with those new-found ideals. You’ll be well on your way And changing agendas is part of your game. Your sense of entitlement strengthens your pain, It shows on your twisted face. Wearing a drawn out shade. I take it all and I put it to the torch. I torch it all without a shred of remorse.







thanks for looking everyone. hope everyone has been well hope everything is looking up for everyone.
“Put it to the torch And let it burn!
Oh torch it!”

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