Put It To The Torch

Am I supposed to be sorry, my words struck a nerve. Am I supposed to be sorry that I left dust where my footsteps once were. Maybe I’m supposed to care for grand ideas never expressed. It took no heart, pierced through so clear. More verbal piss in the well of your fear. Here’s your apology, here’s to burning out And here’s to fading away.

FUCK YOU both, I just put it to the torch

So with those new-found ideals. You’ll be well on your way And changing agendas is part of your game. Your sense of entitlement strengthens your pain, It shows on your twisted face. Wearing a drawn out shade. I take it all and I put it to the torch. I torch it all without a shred of remorse.







thanks for looking everyone. hope everyone has been well hope everything is looking up for everyone.
“Put it to the torch And let it burn!
Oh torch it!”

Published by shaunxgrine

The Selfish Ghost Facebook/shaunxgrine twitter @shaunxgrine instagram @shaunxgrine shaunxgrine.tumblr.com

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