The World Is Mine

Hello, hope everyone is well. i love my friends they’re all so special in their own way. they all have so much to offer this world. for each and everyone one of them i hope nothing but the best. its easy for your friends to stab you in the back so many, many times you’re left with no skin. see, i value my friends so when they speak. i listen. when they ask for my advice, i give it. im never so arrgoant to think i know what they’re going through. I’m here to help with cracking a joke or making them smile. Making the pain of day to day life a little easier, maybe be the drink they’re thinking about drinking to numb the noise of this planet filled with such awful distractions and temptations. All I ever ask in return is the mutual respect and love. Remember this is my life to ruin my own way. I would love the support I give to others returned, but not the pain in thinking you know what’s best for me in my life. You can’t stand on a pedestal and look down at people you claim to love. You give your opinion and you give your thoughts and I hear them loud and clear and i digest every word you’ve said. so if I’m “sensitive”, in not giving a fuck about what you got to say. then, you’re right. Remember I’ve made it this far with out you. I’ll make even further with you. I’ll also make it all the same by myself. I’ll never not fight to hold on! However if you’re intentionally lighting the rope on which we cling too on fire. Then You! alone. will be the one to burn. This world, And all my missteps and mistakes and missed opportunities are what makes it my life. so point a little bit of give a fuck toward yourself. While i March forward to being the best me I’ll be! It’s what I strive for daily. I close my eyes knowing…. this world is mine! 



Thank you for looking have a good night 

Shaunxgrine@gmail for appts

SG TITSxCrew  

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