Bad luck? I’ve had my share. In any category you can think of. It totally gets me down. Which spirals into rethinking everything about life. Have I made the right choices? Have I made the right decisions? Have I said the right things at all the wrong times? Been a day late and a dollar short all my life. It got to the point in my thirties that I realized… That it is my life. I’ve come to be able to make beauty out of the pure dumb bad insane luck that I have. That’s what I’m good at. Give me a mess and I’ll make it the right kind of mess or turn it into the mess that shines. So what am I trying to get at? Well, If you don’t like how things are going Picasso it’s time to whip out your own personal master piece. Look! You CAN! Polish a turd and make it shine. Just gotta realize it’s your life to do with it as you please. Because remember I’ve fallen, I’ve failed, I’ve lost everything, I’ve gained. Did I let it break me down? No! I rise back up. I’ve seen true hate. I’ve felt real pain. Best friends have become strangers, true love has turn to hatred. It’s life. Ever heard the rocky speech? It’s a fucking dream. It’s a blue print to make it through life. Don’t laugh, so what it’s from a movie. It’s knowledge and use any knowledge to help you to OVERCOME and RISE BACK UP!









Thanks so much have a good one

Published by shaunxgrine

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