December 2014

This Is Our Final Goodbye


HI! 2014 is all about done and its been a beautiful ride. The beginning of the year started off strong and it seemed business as usual. Right around February things started to change. My world got a little bigger. All the while I was working hard at getting better at my dream job… months seem to fade away and in the midst of summer I made a truly hard decision. It turns out that decision wasn’t all bad. Taking care of my financial responsibilities turned into a good thing. I had a wonderful holiday and I can’t imagine what the next year will bring. I have a basic outline of what I want done and what I would like to accomplish but if the last few years taught me anything it would be definitely be ready for change. be ready for the floor to fall out beneath you like you’re riding the god damned tower of terror. life shoots you down and launches you back up just ask quick. If you think you have any control of that then my friend be ready for a world of hurt. so as we march into 2015 I wanna thank everyone that I got to spend time with in 2014. all the rad people who let me make tattoos on them. thank you to everyone who made me laugh smile pissed or frustrated and everything in between. I cant wait to do it all again for another year… happy new year be safe everyone! for appointments.

Thank you.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/fdb/43537404/files/2014/12/img_3533.jpg Last tattoo of the year, fitting. PEACE OUT 2014.

Oh and p.s
to you, yes! you… Editors said it best “there’s sugar on your soul.. you’re like no one I know.. you’re the life of another world.. ”



Bad luck? I’ve had my share. In any category you can think of. It totally gets me down. Which spirals into rethinking everything about life. Have I made the right choices? Have I made the right decisions? Have I said the right things at all the wrong times? Been a day late and a dollar short all my life. It got to the point in my thirties that I realized… That it is my life. I’ve come to be able to make beauty out of the pure dumb bad insane luck that I have. That’s what I’m good at. Give me a mess and I’ll make it the right kind of mess or turn it into the mess that shines. So what am I trying to get at? Well, If you don’t like how things are going Picasso it’s time to whip out your own personal master piece. Look! You CAN! Polish a turd and make it shine. Just gotta realize it’s your life to do with it as you please. Because remember I’ve fallen, I’ve failed, I’ve lost everything, I’ve gained. Did I let it break me down? No! I rise back up. I’ve seen true hate. I’ve felt real pain. Best friends have become strangers, true love has turn to hatred. It’s life. Ever heard the rocky speech? It’s a fucking dream. It’s a blue print to make it through life. Don’t laugh, so what it’s from a movie. It’s knowledge and use any knowledge to help you to OVERCOME and RISE BACK UP!









Thanks so much have a good one

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