Another month down Halloween has come and gone. soooooo here we go with this months entry of cry me a river.

has things changed since then? of course, do things ever stay the same? rarely! at 33 it’s still one of the toughest things to get used to. i was honored to be apart of a wedding party this past weekend I was the groomsmen for a good friend. I stood there and watched in awe at how beautiful the whole moment was. in my very selfish way I yearned for my time to be a groom watching my beautiful bride approach me in a beautiful dress she picked out to wear on that special occasion. refocusing my attention to the task at hand, I enjoyed myself giving in prompt to speeches as well as laughing and chatting with close friends all night. as I left the wedding there was something in the back of my head. a selfishness longing to have a love as deep as what I witnessed that day and night. see i’m not very good at dating, I always seem to be cut or let go. the thing is it doesn’t stop me from trying or wanting or waiting for that to change. till then I continue to do my part and try to improve upon myself to be the best possible me when the girl i’m dating decides to stick with me the old sg. instead of getting out of the car for the last time and never looking back. within this yo-yo of life i find tattooing to be the same way. as I wait for appointments or walk ins to come in I continue to improve on my art to be the best possible me when its time to tattoo you.right now i’m turning the corner one of the slowest months ive had of late. but i keep trying wanting or waiting for next month to be better. when it starts to turn the corner and get better ill be ready. till then forward I march. because the world will keep spinning with or without you. letting it leave you behind is an option not suitable to me… till the next time. keep on living, loving, and smiling. ALWAYS!





The Groomsmen


A pink skull i painted 🙂




Thanks for your time

SGxTitsCrew for appts

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