Hard Lessons

Every mistake I’ve made. Every bridge I burned. All the love that I killed, You know I never learned. So many friendships deaded. Wasted fucking time! I’ll look you straight in the eye and you know I lied.

I had it coming. I bit the hand that feeds! I’m gonna burn myself down
and take you with me. Can’t trust no woman! Can’t trust the LIES they tell me. I don’t need acceptance, I belong to nothing!

Hard lessons, I’ve had my share
Can’t learn from mistakes when I don’t fucking care. I’ve burnt bridges, I lit the flame. That killed friendships and I still felt nothing!

What’s done is done and I’ll turn on you again! Hard lessons don’t come cheap!!!! What would kill YOU can’t touch ME!











Sometimes you have to face the truth! Shaunxgrine@gmail.com for appts thanks for looking.

Published by shaunxgrine

The Selfish Ghost Facebook/shaunxgrine twitter @shaunxgrine instagram @shaunxgrine shaunxgrine.tumblr.com

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