Golden Ticket

” I don’t want too” was the last thing I read when life handed me another twist. She was referring to staying together and trying to work things out to see us through a rough patch. Her reply was ” I don’t want too” well that settles that I guess. A vacation I had plan for sometime was fast approaching and now under a few weeks away it looks like I’ll be vacationing on my own. I was handed the golden ticket to… over thinking, busy brains and mind numbing sleepless nights. Thankfully tattooing was good to me









Fun stuff but I still couldn’t get my personal life out of my head, hard to fake the smile when in your head is your own personal war. The worst part of it all is I just want to be loved, at the end of the day that’s all I want. Not the words but the actions that prove it. Which in turn is what I try to prove to my friends and loved ones.

Night before vacation, who sleeps? Still battling my sleepless mind I paced my room while packing. I’m headed out to meet up with a bunch of friends. A well needed rest from a mind that’s fighting it’s own Vietnam war. Vacation would start early the following morning up and out of the house by 5am I didn’t know how the weekend would play out. I was worried my brain would over think it’s longing for love. would it shut off to let some good times in?





Thankfully I didn’t betray myself. I had a smile all weekend hanging out with my loved ones. Who showed me just as much love back!




Do I hate her for not loving me? Of course not, I cherish the memories. Always. However I know im right in wanting to be loved and not just by words but the actions that prove it! Until then, I have my friends who are my family and my crew. Shipmates!


I turn the page to the next chapter in

That is my life!

Take care, for appts

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