A Ton Of Love Or A Ton Of Hate….

So here I am, Aug 1st 2014. Roughly 13 days until my 33rd birthday. So much changes so fast all the time. I haven’t quite got a hang of the up’s and down’s of it all. Last year I didn’t do nearly as many tattoos as I have for the last 8 months. I’m beyond blessed to get to do as many tattoos as I have up to this point. Sometime next week I start a normal office job, part of my soul felt like it died when I accepted the job. Why? I fought really hard to get where im at. unfortunately it’s not enough to pay for a few lingering red tape I can’t seemed to get ahead of and taken care of. So back to the work force I go. Much like everything, I try to turn it into a positive. I’ve wasted so much time being negative and hateful I didn’t achieve anything. im still the same person. I still wanna see the world burn! not so much in a devastating every human being deserves to hurt kind of way, more like in I want everyone to burn up with love. As I get older that’s all I truly want. To be loved. much like everyone else. I believe it’s what makes us human. I don’t wanna be someone you can maybe text back, or kind of like hanging out with. if we aren’t having the best time together then what is the point of hanging out together? I take that into tattooing if weren’t having a blast then why do it? im excited to work a normal job and tattoo and night. all while a build a steady clientele then ill never have to work a normal job again. this pirate life is for me. anyway, if you have some burning hate try to turn it into a burning love… you’ll never know what you’ll accomplish with nothing but love in your eyes.

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Thanks for looking.
Love ShaunxGrine
Shaunxgrine@gmail.com for appts.

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