I don’t know much about anything, I know what I need to do to make it around in this world. You ask me a question how can someone so young be so bitter and angry? The answers are plain to see. Look around and see brother fighting brother. As much as it hurts to see, I can only lead by example. I watch my love ones struggle with their addictions and act like I’m blind to what I see. I see people lie to my face and I smile giving them the benefit of the doubt in hopes that they turn their path around. I always offer as much help as I can. I’ll continue to do so. I hang around someone daily who doesn’t believe they’d wanna be around tomorrow. Every day life struggles are to much for them. They’re obsessed with the sound of their last breath it’s the dangers to a broken heart. Every day I tell that person how ugly this world would be with out them in it in some form. Wether it’s reassure them they’re beautiful that I love their smile, I love them or make them laugh.
Everyday I hope they believe. My last efforts for this world is pushing forward full steam. Smile when I think the struggle is so great that I may actually drown. Smile and push harder. See the things is anyone can give up, everyone can clock out early and take the fast track home. It’s easy. It takes HIIIPOWER to suck it up take it down and destroy everything around you. This has nothing to do with negativity it’s about destroying, hate, fear, and confusion. While pushing everything around you into the light of a positive mind. It’s not about gaining anything but a better attitude towards a horrific world and a ugly life.












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