I must admit on some occasions, I went out like a punk and a chump or a sucka or something to that effect. It’s hard to have to make split minute decisions on situations. Like everything in life though you realize you just have to face them head on. You can’t keep running away. It only gets worse. Especially if you are overwhelmed and have the world crashing in on your head. That is the best part about life though, everyday is something different. a new challenge and new decision. With time you get a lot better at facing the hard times. Then you get to the point to where you thank the hard times! you run straight at the them! The hard makes you.. YOU!!! so if your gf kicks you out of the house and breaks up with you and you are miserable and wanna hang yourself from the rafters thank her for saving your life!!! if you have one of the hardest decisions to make where no one makes it out safe everyone will be hurt, make that decision. I guarantee at the end of the tunnel or path it is you’re own all the glass that’s in the way that makes it hard to go forward all the obstacles that make it seem you’ll never be further than you’re right now.. will be worth it! at the end of all that. youre gonna be exactly who and where you wanted to be! that’s what makes life worth living! life is pain.. LOVE it!













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