March 2014

To Wish Impossible Things.

Remember how it used to be? Sometimes I think as we get older and older we loose touch with wishing. Or dreaming or wanting. We get very used to the idea of failing or not achieving what we hoped to achieve. People call it being realistic. I call it death! Every 11:11 every 2:22 every wishing well, every candle, every lil flower that’s a weed but when you blow on it all those peddles go floating away, I’m gonna make a wish on! Why? Because if I don’t have “wishes” “hopes” “dreams” for myself who will? I’ll never stop wishing even if my prayer to be able to fly never technically came true…. I still got on a few airplanes in my day and it felt as close to flying as I wish prayed and hoped for as a kid. I’ll keep wishing for impossible things it keeps me pushing forward. So next time some one tells you to make a wish… Believe in you! And make that wish! When you sit down and look through your life your gonna be amazed at how many of them actually did come true!!!










Carry You Home

I just got back from a trip to Santa Cruz. I helped my friend Matthew J Powell paint a mural and hang his art show with his fellow crew member Jaws. I was greeted with such great hospitality from people I’ve never met or met once. I got to walk through the lost boys bridge and hang out down at the boardwalk with a close friend. On the drive in, it seemed like we didn’t know what we would be getting ourselves into. I had gotten up at 7am Tuesday morning and pulled a all nighter to get into Santa Cruz at 6:30 am Wednesday morning. It was such a good time we didn’t end our day till 1:30 Thursday morning. The home that welcomed us in is beautiful. I got up early to sit on the porch for 2 hours watching the fog and early morning cool air burn off while watching deer graze in the front yard. Friday came and went the clown & jaws art show was great. I was also fortunate enough to see Dan Wysuph ode to California art show. Both where humbling and breath taking. Saturday was fast approaching racing home to get to the comedy store to see a friend perform. The beautiful Marilyn and I chatted about various things while seeing California’s coast speeding down highway 101. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful time. My friends. I love them. They bug me I bug them. I watch them fail they watch me fail. But the love is ever lasting. That’s the important part. I’m not married I don’t have a girlfriend I don’t have kids. Until that void is filled I always have my friends. Good times!










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