Bouncing Off A Cosmic Thing.

Sometimes people will ask me what is it I love about tattooing. It truly is a great question. Not as simply answered in a “I love the art” statement although it is what got me in the door. It truly is for me, so much more. when I showed up on the door step of my first tattoo shop I was greeted with friendship, great music and an ever revolving cast of people coming in and out all offering laughter, respect, politeness or some jewel of knowledge about life. There is still no place id rather been then in a (the) shop. Creating, hanging, laughing, listening, feeling, and interacting. Since life is such a roller coaster and spins so fast out of control in so many different directions its easy to get lost in the daily ins and outs. For me the stillness of the shop keeps me grounded. As friends leave for selfish reasons, new friendships grow. boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go. money, stardom, people all tend to make themselves disposable. for me though the tattoo shop, where I feel safe where I feel at home listening to music, people, life living and breathing. It will never become disposable to me. Death threat said it best… “To live and breathe it truly is a way of life, A way to deal with life’s pain and strife. Good times hanging out with all my friends. Times like these we thought they’d never end… they never will, f you stay young at heart. the only way is if we let it fall apart.”











Thank you for looking email me at if you’d like to get tattooed. Otherwise till next time have a great one. 🙂

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