Home Town….

Of all the stupid things I could have thought this was the worst.
I started to believe that I was born when I had fallen in love or in relationships. Sometimes when the music stops I hear the distant sounds of their laughter, their voices, see their smiles, ex friends, ex girlfriends, it brings a smile to my face. I’ve learned as much as I wanna go back to see if they’re all still there I know it’ll never be the same. Moving forward and pushing on is all I can do.The present is what I’m after and hoping for a tomorrow but right now in this moment I love every second of it just sometimes I wanna go back to my home town… just wondering if it’s still there.

FEB32014 119

FEB32014 112

FEB32014 108

FEB32014 113

FEB32014 105

FEB32014 106

FEB32014 115

FEB32014 117 Heart Is Taken From BJ Betts Flash

FEB32014 116

FEB32014 122

Thank you for looking, if you’d like to get tattooed email me ShaunxGrine@gmail.com if not thanks for looking if you wanna be friends my name is shaunxgrine on all social media.
thanks! xoxox

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