So This Is The New Year

HOLY SHIT! we’re nearing the end of 2013, should we do a recap? Might as well is what I say! 2013 saw many changes for me in my personal life. are they for the best? in every change life is shaping you for bigger and better things preparing you for the next phase of life so is it for the best? Yes, does that mean it didn’t hurt, still hurt or mean I don’t miss people who are no longer in my life? I wish that where the case. with every lesson I learn some sting worse than others. Some wounds seem like they may not go away, some mended quicker then others and some, some will just be there forever. Either way I hope I learned what I was meant too. So this is the new year and I do feel a lil different. 32 years old single, and ready to tear down everything 2014 has to offer! why? because i truly believe that’s how to achieve your dreams. its how you deal with this harsh reality we call life. its how the world works! you keep pushing forward! you march on to the next thing. let the past be the past the future unknown and destroy every second of right now! because you wont get that second back! so to 2013 i thank you for the war wounds and 2014 im excited for the new ones!

Thanks again for all the amazing people who came out and donated toys for our toys for tots benefit. the boys in girls club in pacoima where shocked and surprised at your generosity as well as I! from the depths of my heart thank you!







Thanks for looking and reading! if you’d like to get a tattoo all my info is on the contact page! if you just wanna be friends all my info is on the contact page. if you’re just passing through thanks for your time. hope you have an amazing new year! Cheers!
ShaunxGrine The WolfxChild.

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