Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving with their family and friends. yes! I did enjoy mine thanks for asking. It was nice and the food tasted awesome.  definitely  a memorable holiday. Now its time to march head first into Christmas!!!! who is excited? I know I am. granted the budget is tight so there may or may not be presents this year. speaking of which. anyone participate in any black Friday sales? hopefully you where safe and came up like a bandit! I find it funny when people bash other people for things they’re into. if you think black Friday is dumb because it’s a hype machine for consumerism then cool! but guess what? no one gives a fuck what you think. no one gives a rat ass about your thoughts on anything relevant or irrelevant. I certainly know I don’t. they way I choose to spend my money and when I spend my money has no bearing on you. so don’t make it a point to tell me what you like and don’t like about things I wear, say, and or do. Do I believe only god can judge me? yes. Do I think im better than anyone else? no.  however to MYSELF I PLEDGE ALLEGANCE. I will always be SxG!








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