Where did we last leave off? oh tricky people and their lack of communication and or honesty. As we all know that is such a long drawn out boring conversation. We all have a million stories about how we all been fucked over, left for dead, dissed and forgotten. As we cruise into the holiday season it seems so clich├ę to say holidays are about friends and family. In all honesty to have a serious smile on your face year round when the world is trying its hardest to defeat you. Conversation with friends and family is what really brings life around. Whether its laughing at your friends absurd pick up line as ” I have bullshit all over me, do you have bullshit all over you? ” or just laughing at old memories and stories. So as I think in my mind how I spent so much time thinking and chasing after you ( girl, career, money, some new adventure) whatever “you” may be. I’m thankful to have friends and family to pull me out of my own head and give me a well needed breath of fresh air.


A housewarming gift.


#22 on my pal mike.


Ladies Night.


#21 on my pal Alex



#20 on my pal mike

At closing if you need a breath of fresh air. go out with some friends call some family listen to their stories and memories. create stories and memories!

if you want a small tattoo I’m doing them for tips email me ShaunxGrine@gmail.com

Till Next Time.