September 2013

Hurricane Season….

So I sit here writing another post. what a difference 11 days can make. my car is dead. my phone has been broken and unusable for over a month, the IRS sent me a letter saying I owe them money from 2 years ago. while typing out these misfortunes it feels like I’m asking or looking for help. I’m not. they’re just financial problems. financial problems could get to you if you let it. I just tend shrug my shoulders and think it’ll all work out. it has to. I believe it will. call me optimistic another word for delusional. call me what you will. I have faith everything will work out. why? because it has too. life isn’t all bad or all good. look at it this way. for the most part i have good health, my mom is healthy my sister my niece are as well. i have a good set of friends. i can still make art. music still saves my life daily. everything doesn’t seem as bad as it could or should or will be. the good lord gave me a crazy brain that knows. some how some way. everything will be okay. 🙂

A few signs Matthew Clown Powell and I Made.

Fun Stuff.


have a good weekend.
ShaunxGrine The WolfxChild



Hello, been a lot of painting as usual. it helps keep me sane and helps me improve go figure how that works out. hopefully ill sneak in tattoo number 16 this week if I do ill post it next week. also check out that sound city documentary its awesome I highly back it.

if you want to be apart of the growing list of small tattoos email me at or if you like a painting email me as well.





Black&Grey Rose




thanks for looking

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