Dear Cleveland….

Dear Cleveland
Two days before heading to Ohio for the Cleveland Tattoo Expo. A cat of mine went missing. Thinking he is just out being a bit kooky, I didn’t have a second thought about Frankie’s where abuts. Sadly after work I came home to him severely injured. an injury he wouldn’t recover from. He was put down. This is two days before leaving to a different state miles and miles away. See my father decided to seek his happiness away from my mother. Which in turn makes me the man of the house. something l take pride in doing the best I can for my mother.Ill restore her faith in people not running when responsibilities get to thick. Having a brave face when going to do things you most definitely don’t want any apart of is par for the course.

Few hours before leaving to the airport my phone decided to take a suicide mission and leap to its demise by busting itself all over the floors rendering it unusable. Cleveland is turning out to be a nightmare. a dead cat, a broken phone and my mom alone at home having to put on a brave face by herself if something should happen. i spent the better part of a 4 hour sleep not being able to sleep with every stress imaginable racing through my mind. It’s apart of life I dislike the most like everyone else the unexpected!!! The unexpected, she doesn’t act fair she doesn’t take anything into consideration and just doesn’t take prisoners. Just in her name alone leads to never knowing the outcome of things. The unexpected reared her head one more time. This time in Cleveland Ohio not knowing what to expect,but relying on my experiences from the past couple of days i felt we would surely be doomed.

Exiting the airplane the crew and I where in high spirits. Working a convention with so much talent is an honor and a humbling experience the moment we landed we where all smiles. we had a blast. we meet so many beautiful faces. had many adventures around downtown Cleveland, hung out till brisk dawn hours of the morning and all the while having the time of our lives. the architecture and rich history of Ohio made my eyes swell with love and awe-struck sensations. The unexpected reared her head. This time she did it in a positive way, that’s the thing about her, she’s neither completely negative or completely positive she always has you guessing, that’s the beauty in her and in life ! Remember that! Reflect on that! Stop and think about that the unexpected she’s coming for you she always is. I just hope you learn to love her like I have.

Cleveland 036

Cleveland 052

Cleveland 059

Cleveland 025

Cleveland 065

Cleveland 164

“One Day Goodbye,Will Be Farewell”

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