I get really busy. I try to over extend myself to much. try to fit so many things in one day. sometimes its overwhelming. sometimes it works out perfect. It’s all in good fun. I mean really what else am I suppose to do? Take a look around at this beautiful world… Tell me you don’t wanna try to fit as much stuff as you can in one day? make sure to enjoy it “Before It’s Gone”…. see what I did there?? ­čÖé

Skull & Snake

If Youre Not First Youre Last

For JJ

Ill Melt With You

Mama Chases Them Away

Tattoo #5

New Flash

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you would like to check out some art I highly suggest taking a minute and going to see Greg “craola” Simkins Stop Haunting Me Show at the http://www.mkgallery.com/ I think you’d really enjoy. check it out …before it’s gone…. see what i did there again??? haha

thanks for taking the time!