Somethings to me just seem more special when they have your name on it. Don’t get me wrong, im not infatuated with my own self that I need everything to have my moniker or some representation of my being attached, engraved or penned out across it. the world is a very big place its easy to get lost in the day-to-day. easy to just blend in and go with the mold, float in the same lazy river. So little personalization to the blank world we sometimes can get caught in goes a long way for me. pretty excited about my new Starbucks gold card coming. I know, I know Starbucks isn’t the most amazing coffee. trust me I know. I most definitely understand the irony in me saying we should’nt fall into the same mold as I talk about how excited I am to get a CORPORATE card that has my name on it…. I am excited though ill post a picture when it comes. if it comes the way I envision it will have a little flair to it.

Gold Card
Mickey Mouse
Tiger Style
Goof Troop
You're My Favorite

Since I started off big business I might as well end with big business but with a little bit of flair. Coca Cola is fine, but if its mexican coke with real sugar its priceless.

Mexi Coke

Enjoy Your Week.