February 2013

Numb, But I Still Feel It.

come down sunday the 24th and get one of these sweet designs for 50$ check out





laffin devil

Hope to see everyone sunday night.

a weird couple of weeks. life tends to become like a violent storm while you’re out at sea out of nowhere sometimes. I try to stay confident on my helm when these stormy times come through! I wish all of you health and happiness. calm waters tend to not make such great captains. enjoy your hardships!



I’ve Got It All, Almost All Figured Out. Always When I Get There All The Pieces They Just Fall Apart.

Somethings to me just seem more special when they have your name on it. Don’t get me wrong, im not infatuated with my own self that I need everything to have my moniker or some representation of my being attached, engraved or penned out across it. the world is a very big place its easy to get lost in the day-to-day. easy to just blend in and go with the mold, float in the same lazy river. So little personalization to the blank world we sometimes can get caught in goes a long way for me. pretty excited about my new Starbucks gold card coming. I know, I know Starbucks isn’t the most amazing coffee. trust me I know. I most definitely understand the irony in me saying we should’nt fall into the same mold as I talk about how excited I am to get a CORPORATE card that has my name on it…. I am excited though ill post a picture when it comes. if it comes the way I envision it will have a little flair to it.

Gold Card
Mickey Mouse
Tiger Style
Goof Troop
You're My Favorite

Since I started off big business I might as well end with big business but with a little bit of flair. Coca Cola is fine, but if its mexican coke with real sugar its priceless.

Mexi Coke

Enjoy Your Week.

All That We Know, Is Hate & Machinery We’re Engineers.

HELLO!!! I’ve been painting all week I promise. I’m not ready to post it yet…. yea, you’re right! it’s because im not finish yet 🙂

Egypt Mickey


 Last weekend we went out to an art show in the downtown la area, the art was nice our friends where there the place was alive but the tug from PIZZANISTA across the street couldnt and shouldnt be ignored. we slipped away to have a few slices of pizza and check what the pizza spot was all about. It was AWESOME. the atmosphere the underlining presence of skateboarding the underground and the unknown made  it that much more special. if you have the time check it out.


Have a good Weekend!