Black Albino Bones….

I love to listen to music. My love grew from a young age. So the dream of being in a band definitely sprouted out of my mind in my teens on into my early to mid 20’s. i played drums for a few projects but did a lot of work with Piece By Piece And Internal Affairs. I stopped playing drums to focus more on drawing and other life stuff but my love for music never died and is even stronger today. Below is a few pics of records i recorded drums on!

photo 1

photo 12

photo 122

photo 14

When you visit the shop beware of the attic troll…….
photo 13

If you havent gotten around yet check out the new Ep from blink 182 entitled “Dogs Eating Dogs” I dig it. purchase it here

P.s. If youre wondering.. YES I am still edge. Proud to be. XXX

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