January 2013

She Doesn’t Even Like Me And I Know Cause She Said So……..

Here’s a lil peek into what my Mondays look like. Cleaning tubes make sure you scrub all the build up away until they’re nice and clean.


Now New Paintings

Big Top

Panther Style

Your My Butterfly




Days just bleed into each other and time moves so fast. When I get the go ahead to do a little tattoo on my friends time seems to stand still and I get a sense of meaning. Not in the way that if I didn’t draw or tattoo my life would be meaningless more in the way that when I get to tattoo all the time that runs into each other suddenly seems so clear and each step is accounted for every minute and every second has so much meaning. Life isn’t easy for anyone but that’s what makes life so sweet.

Have you seen the Katy Perry’s Movie Part Of Me? if you enjoy any of her songs then you’ll enjoy her film… no really its cool I mean it’s not the COOLEST thing ive ever seen but its enjoyable. Check it out here

Take Care,


Black Albino Bones….

I love to listen to music. My love grew from a young age. So the dream of being in a band definitely sprouted out of my mind in my teens on into my early to mid 20’s. i played drums for a few projects but did a lot of work with Piece By Piece And Internal Affairs. I stopped playing drums to focus more on drawing and other life stuff but my love for music never died and is even stronger today. Below is a few pics of records i recorded drums on!

photo 1

photo 12

photo 122

photo 14

When you visit the shop beware of the attic troll…….
photo 13

If you havent gotten around yet check out the new Ep from blink 182 entitled “Dogs Eating Dogs” I dig it. purchase it here

P.s. If youre wondering.. YES I am still edge. Proud to be. XXX

Wicked Style Holmes…

I Mean Really California Is Pretty Cold For This Time Of Year. No, I’m Not Complaining It Just Means It’s Great Weather To Cuddle With Some Coffee A Tasty Treat And A Good Movie…….







I have to recommendations for you this week. 1 the new “Bones Brigade Dvd” is amazing i really enjoyed it. If you like skateboarding or grew up with the Bones Brigade I don’t  think you’ll be disappointed when watching this look back in time. purchase here

2. My Friend Matthew “Clown” Powell has released an old graffiti video he made back in 1997 it’s entitled “tapping into the system” its a great watch best of all its free. if you have some time to kill check it out here

I Wake Up At The End Of A Long, Dark, Lonely Year….

Please don’t let the title of this post fool you. I can not put into words how grateful i feel to have the people i do in my life. Believe me i dont wear a bullet proof life vest. Sometimes the world gets to me too. sometimes there really isnt enough time in a day sometimes im weak and cant hold up all the world wants you to juggle, sometimes i can’t do anything right. I know those days will pass and tomorrow will bring something new. so to you, whoever reads this. thank you for visting and spending sometime with me. thank you and Happy New Year. Let us toast to life and its roller coaster like ride! Good health to you and yours! good fortune to you and yours! Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!