Young Americans

Worked on some of the flash designs that where available for Toys For Tats, I also worked on the designs that were offered for the Halloween flash sheet back in October. When I see them being put on people i don’t know or will never see again it gives me the craziest feeling inside its hard to describe it just makes me grateful humbled honored.

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1

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photo 28

photo 25

Toys For Tats was a beautiful success. so many people had nothing but love in their hearts when they came through Dec 23rd to donate toys that got delivered to Northridge children’s hospital. Easily one of the highlights of the 31 years i’ve lived on this silly planet!. thank you for your continual love and support!

First Blood has released a free ep on their website. its 10 songs of covers from hardcore past! definitely classics it’s called FBI vol.1 please check it out you’ll love it!

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