Friday Mourning


If youre a fan of cute pottery and even more cute plants, HelloShawna wont disappoint stop by her etsy store and check out all the beautiful things she has been creating.


I am so stoked to have received my Waverly Ink order so fast! you’ll love their ink try it out at


this was my effort for this past Wednesday paint night.


These killer stickers are in my position so if you’d like one find me and ill be more than happy to give you one!


Oh i almost forgot, one of my favorite bands BLACKLISTED have a new ep out on Six Feet Under Records called “So, You Are A Magician” its AMAZING. if you love BLACKLISTED like I do then you havent been disappointed with any of their releases and you wont by this one either. please check it out… no I don’t get paid for stuff like this it really is just my dumb opinion. 🙂

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