December 2012

Young Americans

Worked on some of the flash designs that where available for Toys For Tats, I also worked on the designs that were offered for the Halloween flash sheet back in October. When I see them being put on people i don’t know or will never see again it gives me the craziest feeling inside its hard to describe it just makes me grateful humbled honored.

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Toys For Tats was a beautiful success. so many people had nothing but love in their hearts when they came through Dec 23rd to donate toys that got delivered to Northridge children’s hospital. Easily one of the highlights of the 31 years i’ve lived on this silly planet!. thank you for your continual love and support!

First Blood has released a free ep on their website. its 10 songs of covers from hardcore past! definitely classics it’s called FBI vol.1 please check it out you’ll love it!




The Rabbit is here with holiday cheer!!! Come join us for Toys For Tats Dec 23rd from 12-10pm Come donate a toy valued at 20$ and receive a tattoo from our pre selected flash sheet for 20$. Don’t wanna donate a toy that’s perfectly fine come down and get a tattoo from the same sheet of flash for 40$ tattooers on that day will be Johnny Vampotna Solgr Tovar Greg Cusick Matthew Powell Gordon Shumway as well as guest artists Eric Evans and Tom Tumbleweed. Happy holidays feel free to share! See you then!

Love Bites

Floral Dagger

Basic Eyes



I enjoy all kinds of music. I really have a hunger for new music or new sounds. I bounce from genre to genre. I know the last couple of post have been around Hardcore, but for this post im going with some rap. If you havent gotten around to listening to the new NAS record entitled “Life Is Good” please do. Its exactly the kind of record that made you love NAS in the first place. you can purchase it here.

Enjoy Your Weekend.

Sorry, i’ll leave you with one last thought Mariachi El Bronx  said it best when they said  ” Life isn’t tragic, love is just being ignored And faith isn’t magic, but it’s keeping my foot in the door” remember to kiss and hold your loved ones remember no matter how hard the world  trys to make you an non believer and it seems to harden your heart every day! that LOVE is pure and it will help you OVERCOME any obstacle hardship and trouble you will encounter. How do i know you ask? Trouble seems quite fond of me but LOVE always gets me through to the otherside!

Shaun xxx

Friday Mourning


If youre a fan of cute pottery and even more cute plants, HelloShawna wont disappoint stop by her etsy store and check out all the beautiful things she has been creating.


I am so stoked to have received my Waverly Ink order so fast! you’ll love their ink try it out at


this was my effort for this past Wednesday paint night.


These killer stickers are in my position so if you’d like one find me and ill be more than happy to give you one!


Oh i almost forgot, one of my favorite bands BLACKLISTED have a new ep out on Six Feet Under Records called “So, You Are A Magician” its AMAZING. if you love BLACKLISTED like I do then you havent been disappointed with any of their releases and you wont by this one either. please check it out… no I don’t get paid for stuff like this it really is just my dumb opinion. 🙂

Birds Of A Feather


Holy Shit, look who went and got himself a lil cozy spot on the internet super highway. You guessed it….. ME! I’ll try to keep things constantly updated and  right as well as  tight. Hope you enjoy.

If you haven’t got that chance yet please pick up the new STRIFE record. it wont disappoint its super fun, nice and heavy. Rick Rodney’s voice sounds better than it used to. check it out here ->

Happy Sunday

Shaun xxx

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